A Facebook 'Like' General Election Could See A Terrifying Britain First/Ukip/BNP Coalition

What would the House of Commons look like if the General Election was decided on a party's Facebook likes?

Well, first of all be thankful this is just a thought exercise because it turns out the result is potentially terrifying.

Although no party would win an outright majority, the most seats would belong to... Britain First.

That's right, the pseudo-political fans of CAPS LOCK and hate-mongering have more Facebook likes than any other party with 716,425 which would translate into 175 seats.

In second place are the Tories trailing far behind with 463,534 and 117 seats.

Here are the rest.

Ukip 451,986 (110 seats)

  • Labour 296,679 (71)
  • SNP 200,481 (52)
  • The Green Party 203,5556 (52)
  • Liberal Democrats 112,073 (26)
  • British National Party 180,843 (46)
  • Respect Party 22,063 (5)
  • Plaid Cymru 17,792 (3)

Where it gets really interesting though is who would form a coalition in order to gain a majority influence.

Obviously Britain First are in the driving seat and have already voiced support for Ukip so they'd make possible partners - but still not a majority.

Between them they have 285 seats but need 326 for a majority - 41 short.

But surely there's no one mad enough to enter into a coalition with Britain First and Ukip?

The Tories, Labour, SNP and the Green Party would all have enough seats but would surely never become a partner in such an unholy alliance.

That leaves the BNP. Currently residing in utter obscurity, they would surely leap at the chance to be the most right-wing element in the most right-wing Western government since the 1930s.

Well it turns out the BNP are too much even for Britain First.

Leader Paul Golding told the Huffington Post UK: "We wouldn't have anything to do with them. We despise them.

"They're just a bunch of weirdo extremists. But we'd definitely do a deal with Ukip."

So there you have it, a Britain First/Ukip minority government.

When asked what would be the first thing they would do, Goulding said: "The first thing we would do is we're not accepting any more immigrants. We'd close the borders until until we sort this mess out.

"Then we would start the process of withdrawing from the EU."

Of course it should be pointed out that Facebook likes can be bought and faked - much like votes in some circumstances.