James Corden's ‘Late, Late Show' Earns Him A Critics' Choice Award Nomination

James Corden‘s been the ‘Late, Late Show’ host for just a matter of weeks, but the presenter has already been given his first award nomination.

James and his team are up for the Best Talk Show prize at the Critics’ Choice Award, and he’s up against a number of US TV heavyweights, including Jimmy Fallon and Jon Stewart.

Well done, James!

‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’ and ‘Last Week Tonight With John Oliver’ have also received nods, along with Graham Norton, whose BBC1 show is broadcast on BBC America.

In their tweet announcing the nomination, the Critics’ Choice panel commended the show, writing: “[you’re the] new kids on the block, but you're taking names & changing the game!”

James has shared his thoughts on the nod, writing on Twitter: “We are truly shocked, thrilled and honored! Thank you so much, what a list to be on!!”

Since its first broadcast earlier this year, the ‘Late, Late Show’ has provided viewers across the pond with plenty of laugh out loud moments, and here in Blighty, we’ve been able to see a number of the show’s best bits online.

James's duet with 'Frozen' star Josh Gad is another of our favourite bits

After getting a huge scoop from Mila Kunis during his inaugural show, James has continued to charm his guests - heck, he even got Naomi Campbell to show her funny side. Twice.

Let’s also take a minute to remember *that* ‘Basic Instinct’ recreation. Quite frankly, once you’ve seen it once, it’s impossible to forget.

Remind yourself of James’s Sharon Stone moment below…

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