'It Is Not Magical Or Restful': Women Share Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

We all have our ideas of what pregnancy would be like, whether that involves a lot more junk food, or weird and wonderful cravings.

But how many people talk about what it is actually like, without disguising the worst bits?

In this video, a group of women talk about the things they learned during pregnancy, including what they thought it would be like, and the biggest physical struggles they faced.

"The biggest thing I learned about pregnancy, is that it is not joyful for everybody."

The question is asked: "What did you think being pregnant would be like?"

"I thought it was going to be a magical time of rest and relaxation," one woman says.

Others mention not having to suck in their gut as being something they were looking forward to.

The women discuss the physical struggles they faced during the nine months before giving birth, as well as the mental journey they went through.

"The fear is intense, the fear is present."

We're scared.

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