28 Of The Most Surprising Celebrity Hidden Talents And Strange Hobbies

Celebrities' hidden talents
Celebrities' hidden talents

Honestly, if it wasn’t enough to be constantly reminded of how fabulously talented most celebs are (no, we’re not looking at you Kim Kardashian), it turns out many of them have more than one string to their showbiz bow.

Take Sandra Bullock. Great actress. Looks amazing. But she can also speak German. Fluently.

What. A. Show off.

And that Bruce Willis is more than just a talented, bald-headed action hero. He plays a pretty mean harmonica too. Hey, he should form a band with Halle Berry, who can play the flute.

Thanks guys, you’re making us feel REALLY great about ourselves.

Mind you, as well as some impressive talents, some celebs have some, errrm interesting hobbies (we won’t mention which male star is a pro knitter, but each to their own).

Take a stroll through our gallery below to discover the hidden talents and hobbies of the inhabitants of showbizland...

Celebrities' Strange Hobbies & Hidden Talents

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