James Corden Fails To Notice Fire Breaking Out In Late, Late Show Studio While He Speaks To Guest Helen Hunt (VIDEO)

James Corden can't be accused of not paying attention to his guests on 'The Late Late Show'.

The British host was so intent on his conversation with guests Helen Hunt and Nicholas Hoult - and hearing how Helen peed in her wetsuit while making her most recent film 'Ride' - that he completely failed to notice smoke emerging from the set behind him. Did the whiff of smoke not give it away?

James Corden with Helen Hunt, Nicholas Hoult... and a fire

Nobody else appeared to notice either, until the fire alarm sounded, and stars, crew and audience were all moved to the roof of the CBS building to film the latter segment of the show.

Up on the roof with James Corden and guests

All were able to return to the studio after the commercial break.

It's been a good week for the new host of one of America's most established chat show slots. It was announced that he'd been nominated for a Critics Choice Award for his work - no small potatoes in the American firmament.

James appears to have gone down well with the US audience, too, all of which has led us to celebrate his success with this - the 15 best bits of his show so far.