Mudder Maker Is The Training Course Specifically For Tough Mudder

If You're Brave Enough To Try A Tough Mudder This Is The Training Course You Need

Tough Mudders are well... tough.

A 10-12 mile slog on its own is enough for some but throw in some of utterly punishing and almost sadistic obstacles and you have one of the hardest races open to the public.

So how do you train for such a challenge?

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Tough Mudder Obstacles

Well, the team behind Tough Mudder have joined forces with Virgin Active gyms to provide a course specifically geared to getting you in exactly the shape you'll need to be in.

Mudder Maker has been created for participants of all fitness levels. The 45 minute class re-defines obstacle training, putting participants through a circuit of eleven obstacles, designed to mimic the challenges of Tough Mudder events and improve fitness, stability, agility and strength.

A key theme is teamwork - you'll not want to do one on your won and having someone to urge you on could make the difference between finishing or failing.

Participants are challenged to do as many reps as possible on a designated body weight exercise such as a press up or burpee, and the “Gauntlet” – pushing the tackle shield-wearing instructor across the studio.

Mudder Maker’s eleven obstacles include…

Swamp crawl: a soft plyometric box that sinks and depresses slightly when jumped onto, increasing the challenge, aiding balance and stability

Electroshock therapy: a “shocking” game of hot potato, the ball gets passed between team mates, randomly emitting electric shocks when you catch it, to help with coordination and facing your fears1

Horse power: two team members sit on the TiYR, while the other two drag it along using the battle rope. Don’t get too comfy… it’ll be time to swap in a minute

Drum runner: ZUU style moves with the added element of a water-filled drum, for example participants will bear crawl along the floor, sliding the drum with them to increase strength and stamina

So, does it work?

Well yours truly took part and is in training for a Tough Mudder at the end of the month.

Obviously the session takes it out of you but that's the whole point but it's actually really fun - apart from the electric shocks.

As for how effective it is, stay tuned and I'll inform you of my race day progress in a few weeks.

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