Meet The Teen Single-Handedly Campaigning For Proportional Representation Following The 2015 Election

At just 16 years old, Owen Winter was too young to vote in the general election. But that didn't stop him for campaigning for change.

When the next election comes around in five years time, the teenager wants to make sure his vote counts, which is why he has launched a petition for proportional representation.

"I want to vote in 2020 without fear of 'letting the other side in' or 'wasting my vote'," he says. "In the marginal constituency of North Cornwall, where I live, I am sick of being told that the candidate I support 'can't win here'. "

Winter, who is a UK Youth Parliament member for North and East Cornwall, and a Green Party supporter, added: "I don't want to vote for a party I disagree with to keep out a party that I disagree with even more. I want to vote for a party that I believe in."

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Replacing the current first past the post system was again brought up for debate following the disparity between the number of votes a party gained with the number of seats they were awarded. Most noticeable was the difference between the SNP, which won 56 seats with 1.5m votes, and Ukip, which was awarded one seat, despite having a 3.8m share of the votes.

Those are some figures...(Via @BBCNewsbeat)

Posted by Huffington Post UK Young Voices on Friday, 8 May 2015

The petition has already received more than 195,000 signatures since its launch and has been backed by political figures and campaigners.

A May 2011 referendum saw voters reject electoral reform, meaning it is unlikely that there will be much appetite in Parliament to re-examine the system.

Katie Ghose, chief executive of the Electoral Reform Society, said the results of the election were a "game changer" in terms of electoral reform.

She added: "That is because we have seen millions of voters from different parts of the political spectrum cast their votes, but not see those votes reflected in a fair number of seats in our Parliament."