YouTube Video Shows Unborn Baby Jumping When Dad Blows Raspberries On Mum's Bump

Unborn Baby Jumps When Dad Blows Raspberries On Mum's Bump

A dad-to-be has found a novel way to interact with his baby before it is born - by blowing raspberries on his partner's stomach.

A video of the daddy-baby bonding session has been shared on YouTube. The mum-to-be filmed the moment holding the camera so it focuses on her bare baby bump.

Her partner sits by her side and blows raspberries on the side of her stomach. Every time he makes a noise, the woman's stomach moves as the baby squirms inside the womb.

However, as with most bad dad jokes, this does not get funnier with repetition and the baby quickly tires of the raspberries and stops reacting to them.

When your baby tires of your jokes before he or she has even been born you know you need to start working on some new material!

When you are 18 weeks pregnant babies become really aware of the voices most often heard from inside the womb, so this is a great way to interact.

From the comments the video has attracted it's clear that this couple aren't the only ones to enjoy this form of bonding.

"This is TOO CUTE!!!!!! I'm 38 weeks today, and my lo likes to kick her daddy in the head whenever he puts his ear to my belly," writes one commenter.

Another added: "I loved this part of both of my pregnancy! Crazy little babies!"

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