Lady Gaga Gives Herself A Make-Under (And We Love It)

She's known for her wild fashion choices as much as her music, but it seems Lady Gaga has turned down the dial on her ostentatious style as of late.

The 29-year-old New Yorker has given herself a make-under by swapping the outlandish outfits, colourful wigs and heavy makeup for a more natural look, even stepping out with her natural hair (we never thought we'd see the day).



Looking beautiful, directional and impeccably tailored, Gaga's new look ticks all the right boxes and has earned her new kudos in the fashion world.

Speaking to US Vogue in an interview earlier this year, Gaga said: “When I found a sense of inner peace, I began embracing the more glamorous side of myself.”

“I wouldn’t say that my fashion has changed as much as I’d say I’ve changed on the inside.”

The Born This Way singer has also embraced her natural beauty by sharing a number of stunning no makeup selfies on her Instagram.

We can't praise her amazing transformation enough (and we're sure fiancé Taylor Kinney approves), but we must admit we'll always hold a soft spot for her avant-garde attire.

Because who else could pull off wearing a lobster on their head?

Love Lady Gaga's new style? Check out our favourite fashion looks from her make-under below:

Lady Gaga's New Make-Under