Chinese Woman Gives Birth On The Floor Of An Internet Cafe, Then Tries To Finish Her Online Game

Online games can be addictive (we're looking at you Candy Crush), but nothing was going to stop one woman from finishing her session - not even a baby.

The 24-year-old woman in Nanchang China gave birth on the floor of the cybercafe by herself before continuing playing on the computer in the internet cafe.

She gave birth to a baby girl, and the Guang Ming Daily reported that other people in the Internet cafe were only made aware when they heard the newborn baby cry.

No details have been released about the birth, but it seems to us she had a quick and painless labour.

It was reported that one woman offered the new mother some warm water to clean herself, but she declined.

Instead of the usual array of after-care that comes after giving birth, the young mother was insistent on finishing her game before dealing with the newborn.

One woman explained that the new mother had run away from home after having an argument with her family and was supposed to move into her boyfriend's house.

However after losing her wallet, she took shelter in the Internet cafe.

Thankfully, other people in the cafe wrapped up the baby and called for an ambulance.

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