IKEA Pop-Up Café In London Offers Breakfast In Bed (But Not Your Own Bed)

IKEA Wants To Bring You Breakfast In Bed (For Free)
Man bringing 'breakfast in bed' to woman, smiling
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Man bringing 'breakfast in bed' to woman, smiling

Brace yourselves - there's another pop-up café in London and it's bound to make you jealous.

Swedish flat-pack furniture giant IKEA is opening up a short-lived eatery in Shoreditch without tables - you enjoy a free breakfast from the comfort of one of their beds.

The menu will include typical Scandinavian morning fare - pastries, coffee and juice. But there's another menu that's a little less typical - a pillow menu. You can choose your pillows before you eat. This is a revelation.

Table for two? Ok, give me ten minutes and a tiny screwdriver

"You can sample a range of classic Scandinavian breakfast delicacies whilst enjoying some quiet time between the sheets," the company says. "Choose to relax in a single bed or cozy up in a double with a loved one where you will be waited on hand and foot by our serving staff."

In addition to waiters, they'll also have in-house "sleepologists" to help you learn how to get a better night's sleep. Although their advice will probably just be "buy an Ikea bed".

All you need to do is email IKEAbreakfastinbed@hopeandglorypr.com to reserve a single or a double, for a 45 minute slot. It'll be open from 18-20 May.

IKEA Breakfast In Bed Pop-Up Café

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