'Moon Trail' Picture Taking By Amateur Photographer Janne Voutilainen

This Stunning Image Is A 'Moon Trail' Not An Alien Invasion

A Finnish photographer has captured this beautiful image showing the trail of the moon through the sky, transitioning from a blood red to a bright yellow.

Janne Voutilainen, 30, used a 38-minute long exposure to snap the stunning picture.

"The moon trail handily demonstrates how the moon’s colour changes upon its rise," he said. "As soon I saw the preview on camera display, I was very pleased of the outcome.

"I think this kind of photography is a good way to add some interest and educational value to a landscape picture.

"A moving, gradually brightening subject is not so easy to photograph. The trick behind the shot was a 10-stop neutral density filter, which greatly cut down the amount of light hitting the sensor."

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