Watch A Humpback Whale Blow A Selfie Stick Out Of This Tourist's Hand

Nobody really likes selfie sticks. They're being banned in museums, art galleries and even sports grounds.

Well it turns out that the animal kingdom hates them as well, and speaking as their emissary is one absolutely legendary Humpback whale.

Heather MacIntyre, a biologist and photographer was with a group of friends when a whale reportedly called 'Windy' came up to the boat.

Speaking to HuffPost British Columbia, MacIntyre said: “We even started waving to her because she would continually roll to the side so that she could look up at us, after we started waving, in return she would wave her six-foot long pectoral fin or fluke."

Of course 'Windy' had her own agenda, which was to make sure that the selfie stick MacIntyre was using was put to rest, permanently, at the bottom of the ocean.

You can hear her saying 'No, no, no!' at the beginning of the video as the water spout blasts the phone out of its mount in the selfie stick, however Heather manages to regain composure and in the end captures some pretty incredible close-up footage of the whale.

She hopes that while amusing, the footage will encourage more people to start learning about Humpback whales and the faces they threat from humans and the changing environment.

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