Mum Of Three Adapts Her Daughter's Dolls And Removes Makeup To Show Different Faces Of Beauty

We know too well how the traditional Barbie doll that we grew up with is a poor representation of women today.

Last week, an inclusive 'Dolls With Disabilties' range was launched after the #ToyLikeMe Facebook campaign became viral.

And now, one mother has caught on and 'upcycled' her daughter's dolls to make them look more realistic to every day woman. She's called them Pixan Dolls.

I had so much fun painting this doll! I wanted to paint a beautiful girl with albinism. I made some research and I...

Posted by Pixan Dolls on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Lizette Flores, a mum of three who is based in Canada, took dolls from her daughter's toy box and adapted them to show her daughter that beauty comes in different shapes, different looks and different sizes.

"I really want kids to know that they can define what’s beautiful. It’s not a company that’s going to dictate (to) us how we should look," Flores told The Mirror.

To adapt the dolls, she changes their hairstyles, takes off their make up and changes their clothes. In the below Facebook post when beginning altering a doll, she writes:

"I want you to the girls know that you are beautiful! You can guess what kind of beauty I am going to show you with my next doll?"

Je veux démontrer comment toutes les filles sont belles! Devinez quelle sorte de beauté sera à l'honneur...

Posted by Pixan Dolls on Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Flores has created dolls with different nationalities too, including Cuban, Afghan and Albino.

On Facebook, Flores wrote the below doll was being shipped off to Australia: "The doll is sitting comfortably and protected with a felt sheet and some acid free paper preventing the doll to move around," she adds.

The mother also decided to paint skin imperfections, demonstrating how rare it is to not have a perfect skin tone.

The Pixan Dolls Facebook page shows how the dolls are being shipped all over the world to young girls.

Does this mean Barbie and those traditional dolls are finally going out of fashion?

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