KFC Puts Bluetooth Keyboard In Food Trays So You Can Text At The Table

KFC has come up with a solution to what it believes is the biggest problem facing the restaurant industry: texting at the table.

Socially frowned upon, texting while eating also has the unfortunate side effect of covering your £700 smartphone in greasy food.

Don't panic, completely unnecessary help is here courtesy of KFC in Germany. They've created a food tray that's also a Bluetooth keyboard.

The Tray Typer is a 0.4mm thin Bluetooth keyboard that can connect with your iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet or even laptop at just the press of a button.

Charged via USB, this foldable keyboard is waterproof (as you'd expect) and completely safe for use as a tray as well.

Now while we wouldn't think of them as desirable objects, the company that makes them Serviceplan claims that in their first week, the paper trays were so popular that every single one of them were taken home.

That's obviously not the most sound investment decision for KFC which is probably why it was only for a week and only in Germany.

Considering the success of the initiative, and the low cost of these keyboards don't be surprised however if you start seeing them pop up in your local fast food outlet.

Only then can you read it and weep.

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