Liz Kendall's Bid For Labour Leadership Hijacked By Alan Partridge And Rick Astley

Wannabe Labour leader Liz Kendall has launched her bid to succeed Ed Miliband with a new campaign website, but aides who bought the .com domain will regret not also having registered the co.uk version.

Subtly titled "register your fucking domains", the www.lizforleader.co.uk page depicts an hour-long loop of fictitious Radio Norwich DJ Alan Partridge air-guitaring to Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky'.

Actor Steve Coogan takes it away on an imaginary guitar

The page has been on quite a journey, the New Statesman reporting that it has taken on a number of guises in just the first few hours of its existence.

First it redirected to Kendall's rival and bookies favourite for the leadership, Andy Burnham.

Next it simply played Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up. The admins, it seems, are professional trollers.

This was quickly followed a Nyan Cat video - for reasons only known to them, we're sure.

Finally, and perhaps most bizarrely, it simply showed this:

Kendall Headquarters won't be pleased...

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