'Newsnight' Features Former Tory Advisor Steve Hilton Calling For End To 'Abusive Market Power Of Big Banks'

Cameron's Former Advisor Calls For End To 'Abusive Market Power Of Big Banks'

David Cameron’s former advisor Steve Hilton called for a “human revolution” on Wednesday’s "Newsnight," making a plea for “real devolution” in which decision-making to be made at the “lowest possible level.”

The former director of strategy at Downing Street, who quit after the 2012 election and moved to California, called for mayors “with real powers” in every town and city, while dismantling the “abusive market power of the big banks, the big supermarkets and the big utilities.”

Hilton has a book out called “More Human” in which the former Tory wonk argues that “democracy is in crisis,” serving not the people “but vested interests.” He said: “When it comes to public services, let’s close down the factory schools and the factory hospitals and replace them with things that treat people as people.”

In the film, Hilton boils down the problem with government, society and business to one single point: “We are forgetting how to do things on a human scale.”

Watch the "Newsnight" clip above.

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