Think You Know How To Pronounce 'Parmesan'? Think Again

James Baigrie

You may say 'tomato' and I may say 'tomato', but apparently we've all been saying 'Parmesan' wrong.

According to the US version of the Cambridge Dictionary, Parmesan (that hard cheese that makes even the most bland risotto taste like heaven) is pronounced somewhat differently to what you might expect.

Clicking on the mini speaker on their Parmesan page prompts a lovely (yet terribly misinformed) woman to pronounce Parmesan like Pennsylvania ('pen-syl-vain-ya’).

What is clearly a mistake on the website's part has been amusing the internet for the past 24 hours and we must admit it has certainly made us giggle.

But if you're ever in the presence of a real food snob, you'll know that mispronouncing foods is no laughing matter -God forbid you ever pronounce quinoa like "kwin-oh-ah" in the presence of a foodie.

So, to help prevent future mishaps around the dinner table, here's our handy pronunciation guide to help you get your tongue around some of the more hard-to-pronounce foods. Enjoy.


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