This iPod Click Wheel App For iPhone Is Stupid But So Nostalgic

The iPod is without a doubt one of the most iconic gadgets of the last 20 years. Bringing music to the masses, it was simple, powerful and intuitive.

All of which stemmed from one key feature: the iconic Click Wheel. The touch sensitive circle was your key to every function within the iPod, allowing you to quickly scroll and click your way through 1,000s of songs.

Well now a company has decided that it's about time we had the click wheel back after Apple finally killed off the iPod Classic for good.

The 'Click Wheel Keyboard' is the result of their nostalgia, bringing the iconic design to the iPhone thanks to iOS 8's ability to allow third-party keyboard on the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

OK so it's not the most intuitive way to type these days, but just switching over and using it, hearing the iconic clicking sound, could be enough to make you switch over from a normal keyboard.

Of course if you get bored of the days it'll inevitably take you to type anything then you can always just switch back to something more efficient, but it's nice to know it's there as a quiet reminder of one of tech's greatest innovations.

You can download the 'Click Wheel Keyboard' via iTunes for free or if you'd got an old iPod lying around go and dig it out and put it back into service, you know you want to.