Chamomile Tea Could Be The Secret To Long Life For Women (Sorry Guys)


The world of science is constantly trying to find new ways to prolong life.

But it turns out the answer could have been right under our noses all along, as researchers have discovered that chamomile tea might make women live longer.

In addition to helping you wind down at the end of the day and tasting like a dream, the herbal tea has been linked to lower mortality rates in older Mexican women.

Researchers from the University of Texas Medical Branch analysed population data of 1,677 Mexican American men and women aged 65 and older.

Chamomile tea was consumed by 14% of the population.

The study revealed that the tea decreased mortality risk by nearly a third in all women, compared to those who did not drink the tea.

Researchers were slightly baffled to find that the life-enhancing benefits of chamomile tea were not present in men.

"The reason for a difference in our reported findings between Hispanic women and men is not clear, although women were shown to be more frequent users of chamomile than men," said Dr Bret Howrey, an assistant professor at The University of Texas Medical Branch.

"This difference may be due to traditional gender roles whereby women manage the day-to-day activities of the household, including family health, and may also reflect greater reliance on folk remedies such as herbs."

According to the study's authors, previous research suggests that black and green tea is linked to reduced heart problems, a lower risk of developing cancer and lower rates of mortality.

Meanwhile, a previous study published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry also found chamomile tea to have immune-boosting properties.


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