24/05/2015 07:31 BST | Updated 24/05/2015 08:59 BST

Eurovision Song Contest UK Entry Electro Velvet Admit They're Disappointed, As Nigella Lawson Is UK's Big Winner

The UK's Eurovision Song Contest entry, Electro Velvet, have admitted they are pretty downbeat about limping home in Vienna, with hardly a flicker to show for their performance, even on the right hand side of the score board.

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The pair's retro-electronic swing number 'Still in Love With You' scored an unimpressive five points in total, which meant they came fourth from last. Only France, Germany and Austria got fewer points, with both Germany and Austria on the ultimate 'nul points' - particularly galling for the Austrians who were hosting the event, following Conchita's Wurst's victory last year.

They said afterwards, "Obviously it is disappointing to finish on the right hand side of the board, but we have had the most amazing, brilliant, unforgettable time being part of this unique competition in this special year.

"We put our hearts and souls into representing our country and would like to thank everyone back at home and around the world that got behind us.

"It really means a lot and of course we also want to congratulate Sweden and Mans Zelmerlow on their well-deserved victory."

It wasn't all bad for the Brits at Saturday evening's extravaganza, however - with celebrity chef Nigella Lawson coming into her own as she announced the UK jury's points during the scoring process. Looking radiant in a blue dress, Nigella sounded fluent in three languages, as her scores - a maximum 12 points to Sweden's Mans Zelmerlow - proved a dramatic turning point on the night, putting eventual winner Sweden ahead of Russia for the first time.

Hot bookies' favourite Sweden won the night, pushing Russian Polina Gagarina into second place and Italy's poperatic Il Volo into third. Australia came fifth, and Belgium sixth.