Children Injured After Florida Waterspout Hurls Bouncy Castle Into The Air

At least three children have been injured after a waterspout made landfall on a Florida beach and hurled a bouncy castle into the air.

The waterspout hit the Fort Lauderdale shore on Monday, rolling the bouncy castle before lifting it into the air and eventually depositing it on a concrete basketball court, WPBF reports.

Footage shows the structure reaching an estimated height of 15ft.

At least three children were injured in the incident at Ford Lauderdale on Monday

Fort Lauderdale Police Department posted the news on twitter, stating at the time the condition of the children was unknown.

Later reports stated one child had been seriously injured in the incident though it is unclear if the children were in the bouncy castle when it was thrown into the air.

Waterspouts are narrow, spinning columns of air that reach the ground from thunderstorm clouds. If the funnel touches the ground it becomes a tornado, and if it touches down at sea it becomes a waterspout.