'Completely S**t And Pointless Events In London This Summer (Probably On A Rooftop, Somewhere)' Is The Best. Facebook Event Page. Ever.

Hate London Hipsters? You'll Love This 'Completely S**t' Facebook Event

Any Londoner - or regular visitor to London - knows what summer in the capital now entails. Pop-up rooftop events. Open-air cinema screenings. Artisan cocktails - to be enjoyed while watching an open-air cinema screening at a pop-up rooftop event.

But this summer, the best London happenings are being hosted by the not-at-all-made-up events company Events R Us - who have created this year's must-attend Facebook event page: 'Completely shit and pointless events in London this summer (probably on a rooftop, somewhere)'.

As the page explains:

This summer is looking to be a mad one for Londons events.. Join us and keep up to date with all of the most ridiculous events London has to offer...

We are talking:

- Rooftops parties well over capacity

- Open air cinemas

- Slip and Slides

- Multiple Dj's playing in one night, most of which you may or may not have heard of

- Flute recitals on a mad scale

There my even be a University wipeout course!


But lets click attending anyway!





Ridiculous banter

The events have already prompted some brilliant, and very pertinent questions (and yes, Darude - Sandstorm is a theme):

Facebook London Summer Events

While over on Twitter, @Events_R_Us_LTD - aka 'Bearded London Events' - are also keeping us amused, with tweets about invisible raves:

Hot tubs:

And mullets:

Marvellous. See you at the rooftop bar in Peckham, guys...

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