Finding Love After 40: The 8 Things We Can Learn From 'Cougar Town' And Courteney Cox's Character Jules Cobb

'Cougar Town’s single woman of a certain age may have an advantage in that Jules Cobb is played by knockout A-lister Courteney Cox - displaying the same perfect comedic timing, not to mention brunette tresses to die for as she did as Monica in 'Friends' - but her plight, socially and romantically-speaking, is all too real.

As a recently-divorced mother of 40+, whose friends are curled up with husbands, she has to take her courage and derring-do in both hands and get back out there on – shudder! – the SCENE - hard enough without the complications of a teenage son, an always-present ex-husband and a bunch of well-meaning but very inquisitive pals. Think Bridget Jones, about 10 years down the track.

Jules enjoys romance with a younger man, but will it survive?

The fact that she doesn’t just survive this social, romantic battlefield but triumphs, after a few blips along the way, is credit to her good humour, great friendships and lots (and lots) of wine. But along the way, Jules faces real challenges, enjoys big rewards and learns some lessons in life and love that we could all benefit from…here are just a few.

1. Time is not on your side. There is no such thing as an endless summer holiday to waste with a romance that's going nowhere and, similarly, there's no point in prolonging the agony. If you need to tell someone there's no room for you in their life, a sharp knife is always best… even if it does mean some resulting roadkill. They'll thank you for it.

2. After all those years of pretending to, now you really CAN dance like nobody's watching - because, I hate to break it to you, but unless you're knocking over the drinks trolley at your niece's wedding, really no one is… which is liberating, right?

3. Wine. Always. Helps. Especially if you can find a glass the size of a vase, and give it a name so it becomes your friend.

4. For those morning after moments... you have a choice. You can set a tiny alarm, to give you time to sneak out of your new snoozing squeeze's arms, alert the cavalry in the bathroom and get your best face back on... or you can just decide that he's going to see the real you at some point, so you might as well get it over with. Like I said, your choice.

5. You've spent all those years, either as a teenager being told to think of others more. And then your 20s and 30s breaking your back for your boss, your boyfriend, to prove you're a nice person. And now you are. And now, sometimes, you might just have to be really, really selfish…

6. Now is the time in your life when you can try being completely spontaneous…

7. Errr... should this decision go somewhat askew, at these times, as with all others, a sense of humour is all…

8. And then, just when you least expect it, you hit a sweet spot, a pitstop of relief along the way. And now, after everything you've been through, you know not to examine, judge or analyse, but just stop and, for one brief blissful moment, sniff the roses... in whatever form they appear.

'Cougar Town' series 1 to 6 is available on DVD Boxset or Digital Download. Watch the trailer here...

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