Judge Rinder Quotes: The ITV Daytime Star's Greatest Quips And Put Downs... So Far

Judge Rinder - or Robert Rinder as he’s known to his mum - has been spitting out some of the best put downs this side of Simon Cowell ever since his courtroom show debuted on ITV in 2014.


Each day, the criminal barrister (and bezzie mate of Benedict Cumberbatch, doncha know) presides over three different cases in his courtroom, giving him plenty of opportunity to dish out a catty barb or five.

Judge Rinder

Interrupt him (‘When my lips are moving, yours aren’t’) or tell a porky (‘I can smell a lie like a fart in a lift) at your peril, as many claimants have found out over the past two series.

Love him or loathe him, there's no denying when it comes to straight-talking and camp asides, we reckon even his US counterpart, Judge Judy, would be running for the hills.

Here’s our round-up of his very best quips, quotes and put-downs… so far.

Judge Rinder's Greatest Quips And Put Downs

Judge Rinder's Greatest Quips And Put Downs

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