Coffin Containing Dead Body Found By Cyclist In Houston Road

A cyclist had an eventful Tuesday morning ride when he came across a casket containing the body of a woman.

Walter Rubio stumbled across the bizarre find in southwest Houston.

He told KTRK: “I was on my bike and when I came, I seen the casket and I got a little scared so I had to go to the main street and get the cops.”

The authorities believe the casket was unearthed from nearby Riceville Cemetery by storm waters which carried it around 100 yards, Click2Houston writes.

Deacon Reginald Fields, of cemetery owner Riceville Mt Olive Baptist Church, said the body belongs to a female church member who died seven or eight years ago.

He said: “It’s disheartening when you have a situation like this. Nobody wants to come eight years later to relieve someone’s death.”

He added he had been in touch with the deceased’s family and was waiting to hear from the medical examiner as to whether the remains would have to be placed in another casket.

Caskets have been known to surface in waterlogged regions after heavy flooding, especially in Louisiana, the Houston Chronicle reports.

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