Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott Thinks Teaching Code In Schools Is Hilarious

Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott has shown how spectacularly out of touch with the modern world he is by quite literally laughing the idea of teaching coding out of parliament.

In Question Time today, I asked Tony Abbott if he would commit to Labor’s plan for coding to be taught in every primary and secondary school in Australia. His answer tells you everything you need to know about Tony Abbott’s plan for skilling future generations for the jobs of the future. Only Labor has a plan for a modern, smart and fair Australia.

Posted by Bill Shorten MP on Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The Australian PM was asked by Labour Party opposition leader Bill Shorten if he would guarantee that coding would be taught in primary schools in Australia.

Well rather than tackle this very relevant question Mr Abbott decided to make light of the fact it was even suggested saying.

"Do you want to send them all out to work at the age of 11? ... Is that what he wants to do? I mean seriously? Seriously?"

We can only assume this was a brief moment of ignorance on the PM's part because his response sounded like Shorten had suggested the reintroduction of workhouses.

To clarify, he hadn't.

STEM industries is one of the fastest growing employment sectors in the world and it's the technology companies that are leading the way.

Of course there's also no point mentioning that the most valuable company in the world is Apple. Or that as a company Apple is about to spend billions on becoming an entirely renewable energy company to try and combat climate change.

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