The Funniest (But True) Answers Children Have Given In Exams

You can teach kids all you want about general knowledge, obscure facts and everything in between.

But when it comes to sitting an exam, they're left to their own devices and their answers can sometimes be... well, let's just say slightly off the mark.

This video reveals ten of the funniest answers children have given in exams. The questions are taken so literally that many of the answers are true - although probably not what the examiner was looking for.

Except they're not. Here are a few of our favourites.

1) Well yes, they're sort of right aren't they?

2) Well technically it ended the year before 1896... but we see the logic.

3) They are both unusual names..

4) A favourite of ours. They've definitely been telling "fibs" too much.

5) A bit of Beyonce inspiration - we love it!

Aren't they little geniuses?

A sincere apology:

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