'Britain's Got Talent': Nobody Believes Magician Chloe Louise Crawford... Well, Apart From Simon Cowell

Chloe Louise Crawford is the first female magician to grace the 'Britain's Got Talent' stage, however, her performance in Friday night's live show didn't impress everyone.

While Simon Cowell heaped praise on the magician, the other judges - and viewers on Twitter - weren't quite so satisfied.

Sorry Chloe, but you didn't fool us...

Alesha Dixon was the first to share her views on Chloe's act, admitting that while she looked great, her magic wasn't exactly.. well, there wasn't any magic was there?

Amanda swiftly agreed - though Simon protested, telling Chloe that he couldn't work out how she was flying.

Here's what the good people of Twitter had to say...

Well, that's that then, isn't it? It's not been a great week for magicians on the show, and viewers at home saw through Jamie Raven's trick earlier this week - though he still nabbed a spot in Sunday's final.

Still, neither of them were anywhere near as bad as this lot...

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