Davina McCall On How Being Abandoned By Her Mother Made Her Want To Be 'The Perfect Mum'

Davina McCall has opened up about how her mother has shaped her approach to parenting.

When McCall was just three years old her mother left her to return to her home country France, and the 47-year-old presenter has said this made her a "paranoid parent", who feels the need to aim for perfection.

She told Closer magazine: “It took me a long time to get my head around the fact I don’t have to be perfect all the time.”

McCall is mum to Holly, 13, Tilly, 11, and Chester, seven, with her husband Matthew Robertson.

In the emotional interview McCall opened up about never wanting to be late to pick her children up from nursery.

She said her husband pointed out that if she was five minutes late to pick them up for one day, it didn't matter.

"They weren’t standing there, like I did, wondering if their mum was going to come because she didn’t come the previous day,” she admitted in the interview.

McCall revealed that she tells her children they are the "making" of her, and have made her into a better person.

McCall spent much of her childhood living with her grandparents and has opened up previously about how much her children mean to her.

She told the Daily Mail in a revealing interview in 2009: "My mum should have never had any children."

But it seems her husband and children have provided her with plenty of love and care, as she renewed her wedding vows with her husband last month in Vegas.

Just renewed our vows... In Vegas!!! With the kids... And our mates!!! Such a blast! #together forever

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