Gillian Anderson Reveals Where We're At With 'The Fall' Series 3, Plus The Return Of 'The X Files'

Gillian Anderson Tells Us What She Can About 'The Fall' And 'X Files'

Gillian Anderson has spoken about possible plans for a third series of 'The Fall', the record-breaking series which has seen an upturn in the sale of silk blouses as worn by her character Stella Gibson, and helped rocket her co-star Jamie Dornan to global stardom.

Gillian was speaking at this year's MCM Comic Con London event, when she pondered where the plot might go next. Viewers last saw her, cradling an apparently fatally wounded serial killer Paul Spector after a police set-up went horribly wrong.

The popular actress also spoke on the much-mooted 'The X Files' revival, which relied so successfully on her on-screen chemistry with David Duchovny...

'The X Files' originally ran for nine seasons, following its debut in 1993, with 202 episodes making it the longest-running sci-fi show in US TV history, and it also spawned two films. It was announced in March that its stars Gillian and David would be reprising their roles in a mini-series, with the show's original creator Chris Carter back at the helm. The show is set to air in January 2016.

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