11 Photos That Prove Mankinis Should Be Banned Everywhere

From stag dos to marathons, lads all over the UK have been donning the celebratory mankini since Borat burst onto our screens in 2006.

After too many years of screaming "I LIKE" at everyone wearing one, the quiet people of Newquay decided enough was enough, and banned the barely-there swimsuit altogether. A few years down the line, reports of anti-social behaviour have dropped, and they think it's down the fact that that men are no longer dressing up as everyone's favourite Kazakhstani.

To celebrate Newquay's astonishing success, we've rounded up these Instagram snaps that perfectly encapsulate why the mankini ban should, in fact, be adopted everywhere.

Let's kick off with a video...

Now on to shy Borat...

The poser Borats...

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The Borats that wish they were Usain Bolt...

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And the Borats that just want to have a good time...

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Mankinis aside, we mustn't forget the flesh-flashing atrocity of summer 2014 - the 'ball bag,' sported by the cast of TOWIE.