Kids' Reactions To Strangers Dropping Their Wallets Might Surprise You

How do you think your child would react if a stranger dropped their wallet, without noticing, right in front of them?

In a social experiment conducted by the Japanese Red Cross, mothers briefly left their children standing by a bus stop, and after a couple of minutes, a person next to them dropped their wallet on the floor.

To begin with, the children just stare at the wallet on the floor, back at the person, then back at the wallet again.

But when they realise what has happened, they all react in the politest way - by notifying the stranger.

All of the children let the owners know that they have dropped their wallet, either by picking it up and giving it to them, telling them it's on the floor, or pointing where they dropped it.

One young girl even picks up the wallet and dusts off any rubbish from the floor before giving it back.

We're seriously impressed by their manners.

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