02/06/2015 10:40 BST | Updated 28/01/2016 04:59 GMT

Party Trick Shows How To Turn Water Into Wine Within Minutes

Looking for a party trick to impress your friends? Look no further.

In the above video, YouTuber DaveHax demonstrates how to turn water into wine.

All you need is some old plastic and two glasses - one full of water and one full of wine.

Follow the steps below and prepare to be amazed:

1. Find an old plastic container.

water wine

2. Cut out a small section of plastic.


3. Fill one glass to the brim with wine, and one to the brim with water.

water wine

4. Place the plastic over the glass of water and place your hand on top.

water wine 4

5. Carefully place the glass of water on top of the glass of wine.

water wine 5

6. Remove the plastic and watch your water turn into wine.

water wine


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