Tattoo Disasters UK: Woman Asks For Daughters' Names Inked On Her Breasts, Tattooist Makes A Boob Of It

A woman who hoped to be reminded of the birth of her two daughters by having their names tattooed on her breasts, has described her complete and utter dismay after her tattooist messed it up.

Sarah, 28, revealed how an inexperienced and under-qualified tattooist left a lasting impression on her bosoms - but for all the wrong reasons.

The mum-of-three wanted to have the names of her two daughters, Jasmine and Megan, inked onto her breasts to symbolise where they had been placed when they were born.

However she was left "devastated" when the tattooist inked the names, badly, onto her breasts and then etched their dates of birth onto her skin, freehand.

What's more disconcerting was that Sarah had previously had tattoos at the same parlour which were fine, but because the tattooist wasn't qualified this particular addition to her body art ended badly.

"Two weeks into the healing process it looked horrendous," she revealed. "I went back and that’s when I was told the tattooist wasn’t fully qualified."

Sarah commented on how the writing in the tattoo was virtually illegible: "You can’t make out what it says, they’re not even level for a start. I was devastated because obviously there’s a reason behind them, it’s a memory and it’s been tarnished."

On Spike TV's latest episode of Tattoo Disasters, which aired on Tuesday, Sarah was given the chance to have her unfortunate tattoo situation removed completely using laser surgery.

She revealed that it was "more emotionally painful than pain". But added: "I'm not removing my children's memories. I'm just removing the mess.

"I've been considering having their names tattooed on my body, but just in a different place."

Tune in to Tattoo Disasters UK Tuesday’s at 9pm on Spike.

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