16 Dangers Of Working Freelance

Working freelance always seems like the holy grail of chill, but really? It's full of danger. Here's 16 things nobody ever tells you about freelancing:

1. You spend more time making your work space look nice for Instagram than you do actually working

2. There's a coffee break at least once every 15 minutes

3. You risk becoming one of "those people" who spends all day in Starbucks on their laptop

4. You become so desparate for human interaction you end up trying to make friends with the baristas

5. Which makes things awkward when you're in there all day, every day...

6. If you don't get to the coffee shop at opening time there's practically no chance you'll get a table because everyone else is doing exactly the same thing as you

7. You could always work outside if it's sunny, but then you risk ending up like this...

8. There will always come a point when your words stop making sense in your head

9. And if your laptop crashes while you're in the middle of a big job?

10. There's always a bit too much distraction on the internet

11. But you can't possibly turn your Wi-Fi off, because that's where inspiration comes from

12. You fall into the trap of thinking you'll be rolling in the dollar

13. When really...

Hate waiting on multiple #invoices to get #paid 😁 #freelancelife #editor #actinglife #wheresmymoneys

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14. And that's probably something to do with the amount you spend in cafés and coffee shops

15. Showering becomes a distant memory when you're working to a deadline

16. And when you're not working to a deadline...

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