12 Funny Gifs Highlighting Dogs' Strange Relationship With Water


Dogs have a very odd relationship with water. Some more than others.

Like this little guy, who REALLY doesn't like it:

Or this curious little one who doesn't even know what this weird liquid is:

This little corgi who desperately wanted to be majestic but failed miserably:

We're not even sure what's going on with this Frenchie and the hose:

This cutie who's having the time of his life:

And this little one who doesn't quite understand why he's not getting wet:

This dopie dog who seems to think the bath is a sinking boat:

And this puppy who doesn't know about the laws of physics yet:

And this tiny one who hasn't quite got the hang of swimming:

Then there's this lot, who just want to be prepared for eventually landing in the water:

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