Migrants Rescued By HMS Bulwark Sparks Some Pretty Intense Tweets

But it would appear that there are many out there who seem to think such a noble act is the height of bad manners.

Like this guy...

And this one...


And it wasn't just Sky followers making their feelings known.

Of course there is a debate to be had about immigration and where British taxes are spent but perhaps now is not the time.

While people argue over who should rescue them, or if they should be given assistance at all, the fact remains that thousands of migrants drown trying to reach Europe every month.

Last week HMS Bulwark rescued another 747 people off Libya's coast.

David Cameron has spoken about the operations at the G7 world leaders' summit in Germany.

He said: "Britain is a country that doesn't walk on by. We're a country with a conscience.

"But we also need to do more to stop these people leaving their countries in the first place.

"That's what we're using our aid budget for, that's what we'll be talking about at the G7, how we try and put a Libyan government together."