Zayn Malik's Green Hair Is Unveiled On Fiancée Perrie Edwards' Instagram Page #GreenHairDontCare (PICS)

Now he’s no longer in One Direction, Zayn Malik is obviously enjoying experimenting with a new look, and has showed off an… erm… eye-catching new hairstyle.


Zayn hasn’t been seen in public since the Asian Awards back in April, where he shocked everyone by ditching his trademark quiff and showing off a new shaved hairstyle on the red carpet.

And if you thought that was a surprise, just wait until you see his new look.


A photo posted by Perrie Edwards ✌️🌻 (@perrieeele) on

Yep. That is some green, green hair that Zayn is rocking.

Perrie Edwards, Zayn’s fiancée, debuted his new hairstyle on her Instagram page, adding the caption: “#GreenHairDontCare”

On Friday night, Zayn was booed by One Direction fans at a concert, when he appeared on screen during a pre-show advert for the band’s fragrance, You And I.

At first we thought the angry Directioners were still cross with Zayn for leaving the group right in the middle of their world tour… but we now realise they were probably just making their feelings known about his new dye job.

Zayn announced back in March that he was quitting One Direction, five years after they were first put together on ‘The X Factor’, claiming he wants to live the life of “a normal 22-year-old”.

Well, Zayn. Dyeing your hair a colour you’ll most likely regret in a matter of weeks means you’re definitely off to a good start…

The remaining four members of 1D recently admitted they were angry with Zayn when he first made the decision to quit, but last month showed there were no hard feelings when they dedicated their win at the Billboard Music Awards to him, calling him their “brother”.

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