Daily Mail Story On Bare-Handed Migrants Making Sandwiches Is Causing Outrage

Daily Mail Readers Are Disgusted That Bare-Handed Migrants Are Making Their Sandwiches

Daily Mail readers across the country were presumably dusting off their lunchboxes on Monday morning after the paper informed them of what really happens in sandwich factories.

In a two-page picture spread across pages 22 and 23, which was re-produced as a splash online, a series of photos showed workers at a factory that produces lunches for a number of high-street stores.

And they were migrant workers.

And they had bare hands.

Despite there being no laws on the compulsory wearing of gloves, a multitude of other hygiene paraphernalia on display and a reasonable excuse for the bare hands (it makes it easier to feel for foreign objects), Daily Mail readers were having none of it.

They were outraged...

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Daily Mail sandwiches

To clarify, The Society Of Food Hygiene And Technology recommend certain times such as when handling cooked meats when gloves should be worn but it is not a legal requirement.

Reaction elsewhere was decidedly different...


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