08/06/2015 13:08 BST | Updated 08/06/2015 13:59 BST

Piers Morgan Apologises To John Cleese Over Twitter Spat. Kind of...


The usually combative Piers Morgan appeared to have turned over a new leaf and actually apologised to John Cleese after their three day long Twitter spat.

The pair were the latest celebrities to become embroiled in an online war last week after Morgan penned an article for the Daily Mail about how Cleese ignored him in a New York restaurant.


Former Daily Mirror Editor, Morgan, wrote: "I ordered a fine bottle of vintage claret, sighed with almost indecent pleasure at the gastronomic delights heading my way … then turned to my left and spied Cleese at the very next table. Literally two feet away.

"For one tiny nanosecond, our eyes locked in mutual shock, then equally mutual withering contempt. For the next two hours, we avoided all form of contact – physical, verbal, visual. It was magnificently British”.

Cleese hit back with a tweet that has since been favourited over 46,000 times.

He then went on to make reference to phone hacking, which Morgan vehemently denies.

Morgan went on to say that revulsion was mutual, then followed suit by lashing out at Cleese losing his comedy value, to which he responded: "Piers, when are you going to be talanted? It's been a lifetime."

Cleese credited Morgan for his "most successful tweet ever"...

After three days of Twitter feuding, Morgan called it quits and apologised on Monday...

Well, kind of...