09/06/2015 11:31 BST | Updated 09/06/2016 06:12 BST

Daredevil Scales Wembley's Arch

A British adventurer has become the first person to stand on top of Wembley stadium's famous arch - and live-streamed his breathtaking view to the world.

James Kingston, 24, climbed to the top of the monument before stepping out at the tallest point of the arch, 425ft above the pitch.

It took a team of more than 30 safety and security experts to deliver the stunt to mark the launch of EE's new Action Cam, which allows users to stream video live.

Mr Kingston, whose previous stunts have attracted millions of views on YouTube, said: "I've dreamt of being on top of the Wembley arch from the day I first laid eyes on it eight years ago when the new stadium opened. 

"It's such an iconic landmark. I've stood on the top of buildings and structures all over the world but I've never felt more on top of the world than on the top of Wembley arch today."

"It goes without saying that this stunning view comes with a 'don't try this at home' warning!"

Footage of the stunt was beamed live from a camera attached to Mr Kingston's head and additional cameras attached to the arch.

BBC presenter Dan Walker also scaled the arch on FA Cup final day - but stayed within the maintenance cradle during his stunt.