Octopus Carries Coconut Across The Ocean Floor In Indonesia


An industrious octopus has been caught on video appearing to carry two halves of a coconut across the ocean floor.

The medium-sized species was filmed by a diver in Lembeh, Indonesia, in April.

This is not the first time an octopus has been caught in the act of stealing coconuts. In 2009, in North Sulawesi, Indonesia, an octopus was filmed also carrying a coconut whilst hurrying across the ocean floor. The strange act was witnessed four times by scientists studying the veined octopuses (Amphioctopus marginatus).

The species is best known as the 'coconut octopus' because of its habit of using palm fruits and shells to protect itself.

An octopus scurries across the ocean floor with a coconut

Scientists say that the octopus' need for shelter explains the coconut carrying behaviour. After the 2009 event Dr Mark Norman, head of science at Museum Victoria, Melbourne told the BBC:"I think it is amazing that those arms of pure muscle get turned into rigid rods so that they can run along a bit like a high-speed spider.

"It comes down to amazing dexterity and co-ordination of eight arms and several hundred suckers."

This compelling footage will surely not be the last to emerge of these multi-talented molluscs who will no doubt continue to stay safe by hiding in the shells for the forseeable future.

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