Tinder Vs Parents: Writer Lets Parents Loose On The Dating App, Here's What Happens

This Is What Happens When You Let Parents Loose On Tinder

Parents and technology: two things that, when brought together, can either cause complete chaos or result in internet gold.

Luckily for us, this one's the latter.

Lisa Bonos is single. So, she decided to let her parents, Dino and Nina Bonos, try out Tinder for the first time in order to find her a suitable match. (Brave, we know).

The pair have been happily married for 36 years, so - as you can imagine - much has changed since they were last on the dating scene.

While her mum frantically swipes the phone screen with a huge grin on her face, her dad says: "27? Too young. I don't like his hair either."

The pair appear to be having a whale of a time, with both of their faces lighting up when Tinder tells them they've found their daughter a match.

"Wait what happened to that guy? He was good," says Nina, to which Dino replies: "I put him on the heart list".

In an article for the Washington Post, Lisa Bonos reveals that it's hard for her parents to understand what it's like to be single nowadays.

"The uncertainty seems to boggle them," she writes. "They’re surprised to hear that a good first date might not lead to a second, or that singles routinely talk to people on dating apps but never meet up in person."

Her parents believe that the secret to finding lasting love is about getting to know the "whole person" and giving people a second, third, or fourth chance.

But when took Tinder for a spin, all of this was completely forgotten.

"Give them a Tinder profile to play with, and they’re just as judgmental as any 30-something," writes Bonos. "Their quick decision-making went something like this: Too old, too young, and hey, can’t anyone smile for the camera?"

But when asked if they thought it was an effective way to date (after finding six matches for their daughter) Dino and Nina's response was clear, but perhaps unsurprising.

"You've gotta be kidding?"

Stop staring into the abyss. We can’t see your face.

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