Dad Instincts Are The Best: Gif Captures Sleeping Dad's Instant Reaction When Baby Falls Off Sofa

We've all heard about a mother's intuition when it comes to their children, but what about a dad's one?

This gif, which was uploaded on Reddit, provides proof that a dad's intuition definitely exists.

In the short family clip, the dad - who is either sleeping or watching TV - has his back turned to his young daughter, but when she begins to topple off the sofa, he somehow senses she is in danger and in an instant he puts his arm out to catch her.

Now THAT is impressive.

The moment was captured on the family's home security camera.

The clip proved popular on Reddit, gathering nearly 4,000 comments and more than 9,000 views within a month of being uploaded.

And we can see why, there's something strangely reassuring about knowing that 'Dad Instinct' exists!

It has, however, sparked an unusually large debate between parents on the silly things their young children do that they have to try and prevent...

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