10/06/2015 21:25 BST | Updated 10/06/2015 21:59 BST

Russell Brand Says Donald Trump's Hair Is The Real Reason He Opposes Wind Farms

Donald Trump's hair could be the real reason why he opposes wind farms, says Russell Brand

Comedian Russell Brand has unmasked the real reason why Donald Trump so vehemently opposes wind turbines in Scotland - and it's not because they're a blot on the landscape.

The political pundit suggests that Trump is against the wind farm, which is due to be built within view of the billionaire's golf course in Aberdeenshire, because of the effect that the increased breeze could have on the property tycoon's hair.

Russell Brand said the real reason why Donald Trump is against the wind farm is being of the effect the breeze would have on his hair

Brand shares his thoughts on his latest podcast of The Trews - titled "Donald Trump: Protecting Scotland's Interests?"

Referring to an interview that Trump gave to Sky News, which was broadcast from his golf course in Scotland, Brand says: "Donald as we can see... the interview is being done outside and we can see that your hair is clinging on for dear life."

Brand, 40, then goes on to mimic Trump, saying: "I don't like wind turbines. They are embarrassing. They blow off my hairhat."

In the interview, Trump says that windmills are "littering Scotland", adding, "They are destroying the magnificent landscape of Scotland".

Brand retorts: "Littering Scotland? On a deeper level fossil fuels are actually literally destroying the planet that the view is on. So the problem is that you won't be able to look at nothing after Armageddon."

On Monday, Trump, 68, got into a dispute with Scotland’s former First Minister, Alex Salmond, over the proposed wind farm.

Trump lambasted Salmond, who has championed the £230 million wind farm project, saying he had done a “terrible thing” to Scotland.

“He has destroyed some of the great beauty of the world,” said Trump.


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“Scotland is known for its landscape and I fly over Scotland and I see these windmills that are killing the birds. Alex has done a tremendous disservice to this incredible landscape."

Last week a court in Edinburgh ruled that an 11-turbine wind farm off the coast of the Menie Estate was legal, despite a petition from the Trump Organisation to review the decision not to hold a public inquiry into the wind farm.

The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre estimates that the farm would generate enough electricity to power nearly 70,000 homes for a year.

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