Carol Vorderman Reveals She Can Balance A Pint Of Beer On Her Bum

Not content with having been named Rear Of The Year, Carol Vorderman has now revealed she can perform a rather impressive trick with her famous behind.


The ex-'Loose Woman’ told Lorraine Kelly that she is able to balance a pint of beer on her bum.

Carol Vorderman

During an appearance on ‘Lorraine’ on Thursday (11 June), the breakfast TV presenter told Carol that her bottom was “a thing of beauty”, with the star replying: "It's a thing with it's own gravitational field. I can balance pints of beer on it now."

Kim Kardashian, eat your heart out.

The former ‘Countdown’ mathematician also admitted she’s had a lot more male attention since going blonde last year.

The single star - who split from pilot boyfriend Graham Duff last October - said: "I've had an interesting reaction, let me tell you Lorraine. Blondes do have a lot more offers of fun. They absolutely do."

Carol won Rear Of The Year for the second time in 2014

Admitting she hit the bottle after getting “bored” of her brunette locks, she added: “It looks a bit grey now.

"I've got a very low boredom threshold. What's the worst that can happen? You're slagged off? So what's new."

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Carol Vorderman