'How A Baby Is Made' Book From The 1975 Leaves The Internet #Traumatised

Creepy 'How A Baby Is Made' Book From 1975 Will Leave You #Traumatised

A children's book from 1975 called 'How A Baby Is Made' has become a viral hit thanks to it's creepily graphic illustrations.

Crysta-Mai Elassaad shared photos of the book on Facebook, along with the hashtag #Traumatised, and we can't say we're not a bit #traumatised too.

Be warned -- you are about to see things you will never unsee.

It all starts quite nicely...

But quickly gets VERY weird

Then it gets even weirder, and a little bit inappropriate...

There are a few pages in which we feel the nudity is completely unnecessary

Then it gets quite nice again...

But just when you think you've seen the worst of it, worse happens...

H/T Metro

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