Katie Hopkins Says Pride In London Should Be 'Ashamed' For Ukip Ban

Beacon of tolerance and inclusivity Katie Hopkins has taken aim at Pride In London for excluding Ukip from its upcoming march.

Ukip had been granted an official place in the annual LGBT celebration for the first time earlier this month, but organisers later performed a U-turn and withdrew the invitation from the June 27 event.

A spokesman for Pride in London insisted the decision had not been made on a political basis, but on safety grounds.

Ukip have been banned from marching at Pride in London (file picture)

He added: “We aim to unite our community, not divide it, and our intention is to serve the whole of our community with an inclusive event so to exclude any group is not a decision we take lightly.”

Despite policies which would speak to the contrary, Ukip does have an LGBT presence and last year openly gay Ukip MEP David Coburn was elected in Scotland.

In her Friday column for The Sun, Hopkins described the move as “exceptionally intolerant” and criticised the group for bowing to pressure from members of the LGBT community.

Katie Hopkins has described the decision to exclude Ukip from the march as 'exceptionally intolerant'

She wrote: “What I do care about is when a community that preaches inclusivity and tolerance is suddenly exceptionally intolerant of anyone with an opposing view.

“Those putting pressure on Pride in London to make this decision are exactly the type of people who make gross assumptions about me because I do not have the beauty pageant answer for everything.

“No I don’t think the NHS should pay for IVF for gay couples. Yes, all diversity officers are lunatics.

“But do I cheerlead you every step of the way to be who you want to do and sod what other people say (including myself)? Yes I chuffing do."

Ukip is opposed to same sex marriage and leader Nigel Farage has stated immigrants with HIV should not be allowed in the country

The party opposes same-sex marriage and was the only main party not to address LGBT rights in its 2015 General Election manifesto.

Undaunted, Hopkins continued: “When a community doesn’t allow alternative voices to be heard, it is no longer a community.

“It is a mob, where you must conform to be accepted. The mob is a monster. Pride in London, you should be ashamed. You have become the very people you despised.

“Your new slogan should be: Fit in or get out.”

Hopkins has an uneasy relationship with the LGBT community and has long attempted to promote herself as a gay icon.

In April organisers of the British LGBT Awards were forced to apologise for inviting Hopkins after receiving a barrage of complaints about her attendance.

Organisers later claimed they had made the decision not to "forcibly" evict her because it would have caused "too much fuss."