Mind-Bending LED Water Slide From Germany Feels Like Time Travel

This amazing water slide from Germany takes something that almost every leisure centre has, and turns it into a mind-bending journey through time and space.

The Bath No 1 leisure centre in Bremerhaven, Germany has a very special attraction, a water slide that has been equipped with a series of high-powered LEDs.

As you travel through the blackness the LEDs form a series of hallucinatory patterns giving you the distinct impression that you've left a town leisure centre and are in fact travelling through a wormhole.

While it's highly unlikely for a wormhole to appear in the middle of Bremerhaven this attraction certainly does the trick instead.

Sure it might seem like a long way to go, but unless you're town's turning entire streets into water slides then this is the most inventive thing we've seen since.

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